Preseason Conversation with the 2017 Overlee Seniors


The Overlee Boosters were able to get a group of seniors to sit down with us to talk about the 2017 Flying Fish and the upcoming season. The conversation ranged from the role seniors play on the team to season predictions and who the toughest age group will be, and much more.

Though this is only a few handfuls of swimmers that we were able to grab after afternoon practice one day, this group is a range of our 13-18 year old seniors. We have legacy swimmers whose parents and older siblings were Flying Fish before them, to year round superstars who train with club teams–making them dominant Saturday swimmers–to pure Overlee die hards, who have been a part of everything since they were younger, and now have the ‘opportunity of a lifetime’ by being a leader for the younger swimmers.

Like many years of senior swimmers before them, this group has been influenced by those who came before them, stressing the need to be role-models, and making the focus be on the younger swimmer by creating a fun environment.

While the primary concern as a senior is creating an overall enjoyable experience for the younger team members, this group is focused on the ultimate prize of winning another D1 crown. Every one of these seniors has experienced dominate seasons ending in championships, as well as finding themselves somewhat overwhelmed by the strength of their opponents in years past–they take these experiences into consideration when making their predictions, noting that going undefeated this season will be no cake walk. However, with that humbling skepticism, there remains resilient confidence that reinforces a sense of optimism and hope for what lays ahead.

Finally, the group breaks down for us the competitive strengths of this years team. It is of no surprise that in candid off camera confessions, a few from the group were very big on the prospects of the 13-14 and 15-18 boys…I know that I will be watching the 11-12 and 13-14 girls this season to be difference makers based on what the seniors were willing to openly admit.

We will be keeping you up to date on the seniors throughout the season, and will be sure to introduce a few of them later on to give you a closer look at who our leaders are. Recent alumni who have had the pleasure of being a part of their development as Flying Fish since they were first learning how to swim, up to now where many of them serve as School of Fish coaches, and are the inherent visible and vocal leaders of the team, have endless faith in their abilities in and out of the pool, and are fully confident in their passion and vision!

Good Luck Seniors and Bring Home #30


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